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Starting in 2001, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile has run a unique and innovative gifted and talented program -PENTA UC- designed to serve students ages 11 to 18.

PENTA UC aims to educate creative, critical and proactive students; enthusiastic about knowledge; affectively integrated, socially committed and ethically responsible.

It especially seeks to provide opportunities for young talented people who do not have the resources to develop their talent. In fact, 69% of 2009 PENTA UC students come from low income public schools.

It presents an extracurricular enrichment educational program, complementary and compatible with regular schooling; with disciplinary, multidisciplinary and instrumental courses and workshops.

Yearly, it offers two academic semesters (classes on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning at the University) plus a summer season (2 weeks- intensive) with a total of 400 hours per year. Each student takes 5 courses and 3 workshops per year.

PENTA UC´s features:

  • Active, rigorous and participative search and selection of children and young people with talents.
  • A new flexible curriculum, with multiple choices (100 courses each semester).
  • Courses taught by university professors and experts in the different fields.
  • Services of psychological support for the students.
  • Parents workshops on parenting gifted and talented children.