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Our center

The Center for the Study and Development of Talent,-PENTA UC- is comprised of 6 areas:

Research Area:
With a team of national and international researchers the center has developed new knowledge and practical applications for the improvement of the identification and education of children and youth in Chile and internationally.

PENTA UC Program:
An extracurricular enrichment educational program for gifted children ages 12 to 18 years old that takes place in the university with courses imparted by university professors and experts in different fields. It consists of two semesters plus a summer intensive term each year.

Summer PENTA UC:
A two week educational enrichment  program for gifted children from  12 to 18 years of age, also held at the university for those children that don´t attend PENTA UC during the year.

Continuing Education Area:

  • Seminars and workshops: for teachers working with gifted students (characteristics of gifted children, instructional systems and evaluation).
  • PENTA UC internships: an internship program for school teachers. Teachers attend the Program as “students”, for a semester. They observe and learn from the experience and later create a program to be applied in their school during the next semester.
  • Annual workshops for school teachers: Teachers learn about the identification process of gifted students. (Check list, myths about gifted students, etc).
  • Seminars: for school teachers about the school’s role in the development of gifted student potential.

Evaluation and Counseling Services Area:
For the individual attention to parents, teachers and psychologists of gifted and talented students not enrolled in PENTA UC.

PENTA UC School Program:
Gifted program designed for 1st to 4th graders that is held within the schools and taught by the regular school teachers.